Day 1 of the Race: Highs and Lows

After riding the highs of acing scrutineering we have hit a little low in our trip. We had some car problems today out of the start line. One of our motors decided it didn’t want to run today! We stopped and did some roadside repairs and were able to start cruising! After our repairs, Delta was driving beautifully. She was humming away at a great speed of 80 km/h along the highway! A high was hitting our target speed of 103 km/h. Unfortunately, the problems we had incurred with Delta needed more attention, then a quick roadside stop. We had to make a tough call and we decided as a group to trailer the car into our first control stop. Our trailer was slightly in vain as we missed the first stop along with a few other teams.

Never fear though! The team is in good spirits and we are confident that we will be back in the race tomorrow! Wish us luck and be proud of the fact that in facing a tough decision that shatters teams we held our heads high, thought strategically, and came together as a team! Most importantly we are safe and smiling!

As a side note it is so hot here that the air conditioning can’t keep up!

Susie Kubik

Business Manager/Race Team Manager


Here are the latest videos from the WSC organizers documenting the race! The first is a highlights reel of the start, and the latter two are more comprehensive coverage of the first day of racing!

Riccardo Palladini

Public Relations Manager

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