Day 2: Race Team’s Biggest Test

For all of you who were tracking us online, you must have been pretty excited when you saw we made it to Dunmarra first. We had decided as a group that we should trailer in since we could not miss our next control stop. It was a little sad for us, but at the same time an amazing experience.

We watched as teams counted down to hop into their cars and get moving! I think it’s the check points where you really feel you are in a race. Everyone comes flying in (within the designated speed limited) and hops out of their cars, angle their arrays and before you know it they are packing up at lightning pace to race out of there.

Cruiser class has been a totally different race. We have three designated charging sites where we are able to replenish our battery. We have to stay at our designated spots (Tennant Creek, Alice Springs and Coober Pedy) over night and then all of the cruiser class cars line up in ranked order to get moving the next day.

Unfortunately, we were not able to solve our car problems by Dunmarra, so we decided to pull our passenger out of the vehicle and drive with one person. The lighter load meant we were able to get a farther distance via solar power. We saw Delta’s array providing more power then we have ever seen yesterday which was a huge victory for the team! Once our car problems are solved, we will be able to get some good cruising time in.

I really think the highlight of this race so far has been the teamwork. When speaking with WSC officials yesterday they mentioned that they were really impressed by the fact that no matter what happened we arrived at a control stop smiling and laughing. I think that speaks volumes about the teamwork and team decisions that are being made. For me personally, I would say it is quite a feat to have ten people, all of whom are extremely opinionated high achievers make decisions together. Collaboration is our team’s greatest strength.

Yes, we are not doing as well as planned, but we are still pulling strong and happy and it’s not over till the lady sings! So know Calgary may have started slow, but we are working double time to finish strong! As always, follow our journey on Facebook and Twitter, or even through our site RSS feed to get our latest posts straight away.

Susie Kubik

Business Manager/Race Team Manager


WSC TV’s highlights of day 2 of racing:

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