Days 3 & 4 – Learning and Growing

Luck and electronics have been working against us this race! The last two days the team has spent working as hard as we can to get the car functioning. It has been a battle for the team, we rose each morning with our eyes high and our spirits cheery and optimistic that the previous night’s work had fixed the final problem with Delta. Needless to say, it was hard for us to experience two more days of problems with Delta. One of the main causes of our problems has been that our electrical system was shaken during shipping, causing parts to have loosened which has then caused damage and loosening of other parts.

Although the car has not been performing as well as it did on our Alberta Tour, the learning lessons for the students on our team has been astronomical. We took a chance with a radical new design and new concept and like any new product we have experienced hiccups. Delta’s shape and practicality meant that we would take a risk. We endeavoured to do something we have never done before and this has meant taking a risk.

We were happy to make it safely in to Coober Pedy last night. Although our luck has been bad, other Michelin Cruiser Class teams have had to drop out altogether. We have made it safe and sound and are still trying our hardest to push Delta as much as we can.

There are many different aspects to this challenge: safety, spirit, teamwork, time, performance, and practicality. Our safety has been outstanding and the safety officials have asked to take photos of how we make our safety kits and what we have in our kits. Calgary had also been in high spirits and has been helping other teams out where we can!

As I write this, we are starting Day 5 cheery as usual. Our heads are held higher then ever with a (finally) working Delta. An acknowledgement needs to be made to a few people who have supported us. Firstly, thanks to Dr. Pudney and Dr. Snowdon who have been supporting all of the cruiser class teams! Another big thank you to Safety Pete and Andrew who always are happy, cheerful and motivating. Last but certainly not least a big thank you to the observers who have been riding along with us. Our team could not have kept our morale and energy going without these people greeting us and traveling with us on the road. To all of the WSC officials, thank you for organizing such a great event! Onto Adelaide!

Susie Kubik

Business Manager/Race Team Manager


Engineering Manager Mico Madamesila and Mech Engineering Manager Matthew Johnson interviewed with Doug Dirks from CBC Radio Calgary’s The Homestretch from Coober Pedy! Listen below!

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