Day 5: The Rainbow After the Storm

Hello back home! Today was hands down the best day of the race! Delta performed beautifully and we were able to get a full day of solaring in!

I hope I can do this experience justice in this regale because I think everyone on the race team will agree when Delta made her way into the control stop this afternoon with a few of the other cars it was the experience of a lifetime. People often say it’s not how far you fall but how you climb back up, well this was certainly the case for Delta and the team today!

The best part of pulling into the control stop and being on the road today was the camaraderie between teams. Everyone in the control stop was just as excited as us to see Delta solar in. We were greeted by hugs and pats on the back! As we continued on, we got hoots and hollers on the CB radio about how great Delta was doing! A moment that will stay with me forever is passing U of T on the way to camp and seeing their team cheering us on! Thanks for the spirit U of T!

An experience like this really brings everyone together. The team is so fortunate to be here!

We left Coober Pedy on time this morning with driver Stephanie Hladik behind the wheel and stopped briefly to switch drivers. Brenda Nguyen then got in! Great job to all of our drivers who have been doing such an amazing job ­čÖé

Here are some driver quotes from the day:

It was awesome to finally be driving Delta across the outback for a solid period of time. Cloudy weather couldn’t get us down and spirits were high. Huge shout out to the whole team for getting delta rolling! – Stephanie Hladik, Schulich Delta driver

All of the drivers become quite musical in the car. We each have a favourite song and sing it over and over. Next time we should install a radio! –┬áBrenda Nguyen, Schulich Delta driver

I turned 25 and got to drive a solar car in Australia on my birthday. Not many people can say that that is how they spent their 25th birthday! –┬áNizar Walji, Schulich Delta driver

The race is (sadly) almost over! Don’t forget to visit the Coates Hire Car Tracker to see our real-time progress, and keep on top of our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

Susie Kubik

Business Manager/Race Team Manager

P.S. One kangaroo sighting so far!

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