Day 6: This is the End (of WSC 2013)

Hello all,

After 3,000 kilometres, we have crossed the finish line!

What an incredible moment. Driver Stephanie Hladik and passenger Ian Haigh brought our car across the line. We were greeted by friends from home (thanks Blue Sky) and from far away (Thanks Tafe!).

Crossing the finish line was an amazing experience, words barely describe it. Coming out of rush hour traffic in downtown Adelaide into the finish area and having so many teams cheering us on was just awesome. – Stephanie Hladik

It was a stressful experience going through rush hour traffic, but it was cool seeing everyone at the finish line and hearing all of the cheering! – Ian Haigh

Our battery was checked to confirm it was tamper-free and then we left Delta to check into our new home for the next few days. A big thanks to the boys from Tafe for showing our team a great Aussie time last night and for ensuring we made it safely home (chivalry is not lost!).

A funny moment after the finish line was when a female team member from Bochum wanted RL Manager Brenda Nguyen’s shirt. Our Canadian flags were quickly turned into a Canadian change room! Talk about improvisational team work!

Today we are gearing up for practicality judging and the repacking of our container. Hang tight for another post soon covering that, the awards ceremony, and our grand finale from Australia!

Susie Kubik

Business Manager/Race Team Manager

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