We Celebrate 10 Years, and Announce a Groundbreaking 5th Generation

Today marks two important milestones for the University of Calgary Solar Car Team: the celebration of the team’s ten years of excellence, and the groundbreaking announcement of our plans to design and build North America’s first fully street-legal solar-powered vehicle.

The team hosted alumni, sponsors, and industry and university leaders today at the Telus Convention Centre to celebrate ten years of achievements, success, innovation and learning. We were honoured by such guests as President Elizabeth Cannon, Deans Bill Rosehart and Jim Dewald, as well as alumni that were able to witness the progression of technology and innovation since their departure from the team.

Business Manager and Project Co-Chair Susanna Kubik began with a stirring speech about the lessons the team learned from the 2013 World Solar Challenge and highlighted how a closely knit team can have a greater impact during the race than those with a winning car but internal conflict.

President Cannon reminisced about her past experiences with the team, as she was the Dean of the Schulich school of Engineering when the team began its humble beginnings. Not only did they build a solar car in under 9 months, but they were also named the rookie team of the year at the North American Solar Car Challenge.

Finally, our incoming project co-chairs Derek Lee and Jonah Zankl briefly described their first impressions when joining the team and closed their speeches with 2 announcements: that Schulich Delta will race again in WSC 2015 and that work will begin to design and produce North America’s first ever street legal solar car.

Our team’s faculty advisor, Dr. Lynne Cowe Falls, is in Greece at the moment, but recorded a touching and memorable best wishes message, which is embedded below (if it doesn’t load below, click here).

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past 10 years, either financially or through their time spent on the team. Tweet us with your favourite memory or experience with the team; we’d love to hear how solar technology is having an impact on peoples’ lives.

This ten year anniversary event was an opportunity for us to not only look at how far the team has come since its inception, but also to look ahead to the bright future that is evident in solar technology. Our plans to revamp Delta and return it to WSC 2015, as well as those to create a street legal solar car may seem daunting, but it has been hard work that has gotten us this far and it will continue to carry us into the future. Stay tuned for more developments as the journey continues!

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