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There is nothing that inspires us more as a team than the reaction we get when we take Schulich Delta out into the community. This reaction is often one of bemusement, wonder, and surprise at the fact that we can build a car that runs off of little more than the energy of the sun.

This excitement came from nearly 80 Girl Guides on January 19th. An exciting event for them, where 3 troupes came together for an evening of engineering exposure, they had the opportunity to hear from both members of our team and Team Zues, the electric motorcycle project on campus here at the University of Calgary.

Girl Guides experience engineering possibilities
Girl Guides experience engineering possibilities




Coordinator of the event, University of Calgary Neuroscience student Yasamin Mahjoub was thrilled to have the event part of her programming for her troupe this year:


Girl Guides of Canada is an organization that aims to make a positive difference in girls’ lives. As a science student myself, I’ve always tried to incorporate STEM activities into our programming and expose girls to fields that are still largely male-dominated. Guides (9-11) is a critical age where the girls are building their identities, and exposure to different possibilities is instrumental to this process. Interacting with the UofC Solar Team and seeing the car was a valuable experience that the girls will undoubtedly remember for years to come. I was so impressed by how passionate, engaging, and open the team was, which in turn encouraged the girls to speak up and feel comfortable in asking all of their questions. The girls were inspired by the possibilities in engineering, and I’m sure that quite a few budding engineers were born that night!


Memorable quotes from the evening came from the girls themselves who were overheard telling parents how they want to be engineers when they grow up, and asked how they could build their own solar cars and motorcycles.

We would like to thank Yasamin for her work in putting this event together and our partners for the evening Team Zues!

Project Co-Chair Derek Lee answers question about Delta’s shape, safety, and power consumption


— Jonah Zankl, Business Manager and Project Co-Chair

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