A Look Back

We are only days away from the Formula Sun Grand Prix 2015 and the excitement is already palpable amongst everyone in the team. But at the same time there is also the anxiety and nervousness. The team has worked tirelessly, day in and day out, just to complete all the necessary preparations for the race and the finishing touches for Schulich Delta. Facing us would be the best and the brightest from 16 other schools across North America. It would be a trial by fire, and one we would gladly face with our eyes high and with smiles on our faces. As we meet this great challenge head-on, we must take a moment to look back at this last week before the race and see all the hard work and dedication that our team has shown.


The new top shell of Schulich Delta as it is receiving its final touches.
Josh working on the circuits of the solar array for the new top shell.
Clockwise from top left: Jeff, Renard, Jordan and Ryan doing some tests on Schulich Delta without the top shell.
The team has just arrived at the Calgary Fire Department test track and are in the process of unloading Schulich Delta.
Josh and Jordan assembling and antenna to be used for testing the telemetry of the solar car.
Safety is our always our number one priority. Except for Josh. He’s too cool for that.
Schulich Delta, with the old top shell, on a lap around the test track.
Eat you heart out J.J. Abrams. We can also do lens flares.



As always we sincerely thank our friends and family, our sponsors, Schulich Engineering School and the University of Calgary for all the support they have shown. Look forward to more posts from us as we head into FSGP 2015.

See you in Austin!

-Gabriel Gana, Communications Team Member

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