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I was wondering if after all these weeks you’d like to meet…

To go over everything…

Okay I’m getting a little sidetracked. I’m here to go over everything that the team discussed over our meeting tonight. As everyone knows, the team currently is developing our Generation V Solar Car. But it takes to develop and create our new solar car so that begs the question of what we are going to do in the meantime.

In our brief meeting earlier, there has been much discussion as to what the team will do in the upcoming years as old members will eventually move on and new members take their place. Eventually the team has agreed on a plan that would allow it to both balance the development of the Generation V Solar Car and participate in events.

For 2016, the team plans on bringing its members as observers, and possibly as volunteers, for the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix. This is to ensure that the newer members would be able to experience what it is like to compete at a major event. At that time, Delta would not be participating in any races. However, the team would still utilize Delta for the 2016 schulich Delta Alberta Tour before the 2016 FSGP. The 1st of April 2016 has been set as a deadline to do all the necessary upgrades and repairs on Delta so that it will be ready for the road come SDAT. These upgrades and repairs entail the following: fitting new doors; creating a new and lighter battery pack specially made for SDAT; improving the cooling system, the bard brake lines and parking brake’ repairing the bottom shell; putting new motors and STM boards; and replacing the top shell’s vinyl coat.

By 2017, the team plans on introducing our Generation V Solar Car after extensive development and testing. At that point, we plan on racing it on the 2017 FSGP as our new flagship vehicle. If we do well there and qualify, then we will to participate at the 2018 American Solar Challenge. We will pit our Generation V Solar Car against the best of the best solar car teams in North America. By 2019 we shall set our sights on participating at the world’s most prestigious competition among solar car teams, the World Solar Challenge.

We don’t have much planned for December but stay tuned for updates along the way.


-Gabriel Gana, Communications Team Member and staring out the window while listening to ’25’

Checking the bottom shell for needed repairs.
It wouldn’t be a post by me without a picture of someone eating, as is tradition.
Listening closely to the meeting.
“Missed a spot.”
See if you can spot the spider crawling up someone’s arm.
I ran out of things to caption the photos… So just keep scrolling down to view the photos. Enjoy. I guess…
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