Quick Update and Hillhurst School Visit

Hello again and once again we are back to kick things off this new year with new members and new things as the team moves to a new direction. I apologize to all our readers if I have not posted anything new as of late. The team has been very busy with designing the new Gen V car and improving Schulich Delta. There aren’t any official updates that I can share just yet but stay tuned folks because big things are heading your way.

In the mean time, I am able to share to everyone this brief write-up about the wonderful school visit to Hillhurst Elementary School (Sorry folks, I am not writing a vividly descriptive novella about the triumphs and tribulations of the team today). We were greeted warmly by an old member of the team who is now a teacher in the school, Jillian Stephenson. She was one of the managers for the Communications Sub Team and the Business Team back when I first joined and helped show me the ropes. The team presented at the gym to a crowd of very eager and curious children about renewable energy, our mission as a team,and the accomplishments we have achieved.

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And during the visit, we also brought Delta along to show to the kids. They greeted the sight of the solar car with wide eyes and bright smiles as they crowded around the car. The more inquisitive ones took advantage of the team members by asking questions and learning more about the different things that make our car unique. And the team members were more than happy to accommodate them.

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It was a wonderful time for all the members, both old and new, as well as the teachers and the students who had the chance to see something that you don’t see everyday. Hopefully we have managed to educate them about renewable energy and our goals in utilizing it, and inspire a new generation of children that would lead forward its innovation. Or not. Who knows?

Gabriel Gana, Communications Team Member




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