A Quick Announcement

Hello everyone! I just have a quick announcement from the Solar Car Team. If you have been looking at our website for the past few days, you may have noticed that there have been changes as to our team roster. Over the past months, we have acquired new managers and new members as our organization has grown and we strive towards bigger and more ambitious goals. We have created a new subteam within the Engineering Team concerning the development of our own software for use within our vehicle’s systems and our own communications. We have also created an alumni page to celebrate our past members and their accomplishments that paved the way to our team today. So if you would like to meet our new team managers and members, head on over to our team page and see the new faces and future of the Solar Car Team.

Lastly, tune in next week for our write-up on the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show (click on the link for more information). Until then, I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


-Gabriel Gana, Communications Team Member

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