The FRC Western Canada Regional

Hello everybody! It is nice to see you all again after some time. Due to some unforeseen due dates for his papers, your regular writer/rambler Gabriel is currently preoccupied at the moment. But worry not my dear friends. He has passed the torch to me, the new blog writer for the University of Calgary Solar Car Team. I am Christina Chow and I am a third year Accounting student. I recently became a member of the Business Team, specifically Communications. Apart from being a full time student, I enjoy cooking, baking (pretty much anything to do with trying to be like Julia Child in my spare time), playing piano, and watching movies. I joined Solar Car to be part of a team that is trying to make a change, impact the lives of others. I saw that the work of the Solar Car team was quite extraordinary. Their commitment to their goals where they always visit different schools to educate others on the wonders of renewable energy and innovate with design of new solar vehicles, coupled with their dedication to doing their very best, is what really inspired me to be part of the team.

I had the pleasure of reporting on the Solar Car team’s involvement with the 2016 FRC Western Canada Regional which was held between April 4-6 at the Olympic Oval. This is a competition when students from all over the world meet to show off their technical skills in building and programming robots and then competing with each other. This was also my first time going to an event where the Solar Car team was promoting with the Schulich Delta.

Welcome one and all to the FIRST Western Canada Regional. Don’t worry, our robots have not developed sentience yet.
“Alright guys. On the count of three we’re gonna do the wave. Okay. One, two… guys?”

Stepping into the Olympic Oval for an actual event and seeing the amount of people together for a competition was definitely an eye opening experience. When I first arrived at the booth, I met Morgan and John who were manning the booth. Upon asking them about their experience in the event while promoting the team, they said many people, from students to even industry professionals, were extremely interested in the Solar Car. They even had lots of inquiries about it throughout it that day. As I am on the Business team, it was extremely interesting to see John’s point of view as a member of the Engineering team. He said that “Solar Car was one of the best experiences I have had in University, I have learned way more on this team than I have in any one of my classes at school. My experience with the team has provided with me with so much hands on experience that has been so beneficial to my education.”

John and Morgan posing with Schulich Delta
“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious…”

One student, Michael, aged 12, said that he hopes to also join a Solar Car team when he goes to University as he said the car was extremely “epic looking.” And the competition was very awesome too. Seeing the teams’ passion in working together on their robots was definitely an inspiring experience and reminiscent of the way the members of the Solar Car Team also work together in achieving their goals.

“And as you can see we have not one… but two cupholders! You can have a double double AND an ice capp.”
“See what’d I tell ya. Right there. Two cupholders.”

Anyways that about wraps up the Solar Car Team’s report on the FRC Regional. Thanks guys for all the support you have given to the team. That’s all for now but stay tuned for more content to come by yours truly. Until next time!

Christina Chow, Communications Team Member

(P.S. And Gabriel, if you are reading this, thank you so much for helping me with my first post.)




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