New Year, New Team

Hey everybody! Happy New Year! We’re back after an eight month break (oops! our apologies), and after some minor team adjustments we’re ready for the New Year. As some of you may know, our fifth car is currently in the making. Gen 5 as we’re calling it for now is getting all dolled up to make its first appearance at the Formula Sun Grand Prix during July of this year in Austin Texas. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the production of our car, head on over to our social media accounts (I’ll link them all below) and take a look! Also, while you’re there shoot us a private message on any name ideas you may have for our new car! We love to hear from you all. Stay tuned for more updates to come as the year progresses, I promise to be more active.



Instagram: @uofc_solarcar

Facebook: University of Calgary Solar Team

Twitter: @UofCSolarTeam

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