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Established in the fall of 2004, the University of Calgary Solar Car Team has evolved over the past decade to become an experienced solar car racing team dedicated to educating the community about renewable energy. As an interdisciplinary initiative, the team is composed primarily of undergraduate students from various departments working in collaboration with faculty members to support development of sustainable energy solutions. With 4 generations of solar cars designed and produced, and 7 races successfully competed in, we have proven ourselves as a team devoted to progressing the solar energy landscape.

The team was initially founded in late 2004 in response to the announcement that the North American Solar Challenge (NASC) would end its 4,000 km race in Calgary in July 2005. Although the original team had only one-third of the resources and half of the time afforded by already established competitors, they would go on to achieve 13th place overall with Soleon, our first generation solar car. Soleon competed in the World Solar Challenge (WSC) in Australia in October of the same year, placing 10th place overall, and 1st place amongst Canadian teams.

The University of Calgary Solar Car Team has maintained a strong presence at formal solar car races over the past 10 years. Three more generations of the solar car have since been commissioned to meet new regulation requirements and challenges of racing at an even more competitive class. Schulich I, the second generation solar car, placed 8th in the Challenger Class and 15th place overall at the 2007 WSC, as well as 6th place overall at the 2008 NASC. Third generation Schulich Axiom entered its first race at the 2010 American Solar Challenge (ASC). In addition to placing 6th overall, Schulich Axiom was recognized for Mechanical Engineering Excellence and Sportsmanship. Axiom also raced in the 2011 WSC, where it placed 18th overall, and again was the top Canadian entry. The fourth and latest generation, Schulich Delta, competed in the all-new Cruiser Class in the 2013 WSC, where it finished 3rd in practicality and 8th overall, also leading to the team’s first WSC Event Safety Award. In July 2015, Delta competed in the Formula Sun Gran Prix in Austin, TX, where it finished 9th overall and was the only cruiser-class solar vehicle among the participants.

Going forward, the team will face more challenges and opportunities of building upon our past successes and continuing our commitment to educate the public about sustainable energy. Equipped with the lessons learned from our predecessors, the enthusiasm and dedication of current members, and the support of local communities, the team is prepared to meet the tasks and opportunities ahead.

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