Race Logistics

The race logistics subteam is responsible for the logistics and coordination of the team’s competitions and tours, interpreting race regulations, and facilitating contact with various solar car organizations. From our Alberta Tours to the World Solar Challenge in Australia, the race logistics team handles details from ensuring the car is packed correctly to management of the team and the racers.


Race Logistics Manager: Madison Savilow
Faculty: Accounting/Sociology
Year of Study: 3rd year
Member Since: 2015
Goal: To successful lead the race logistics team through race planning
Fun Fact: I love cliff jumping
Race Logistics Team Member: Mark Sobrevinas
Faculty: Business
Year of Study: 1st Year
Goal: To gain business experience and learn about sustainable technology
Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded
Race Logistics Team Member: Sarah Lam
Faculty: Engineering
Year of Study: 1st Year
Race Logistics Team Member: Raymond Fung