The sponsorship subteam actively seeks new sponsors for the solar car team and maintains relationships with our current sponsors. They also deal with grant applications and cold contacting potential sponsors in addition to generating ideas for new sponsorship/donation opportunities. The sponsorship team is essential to the financial feasibility of the team as a whole.


Sponsorship Team Manager: Saba Jamal
Sponsorship Team Manager: Saba Jamal
Faculty: Accounting
Year of Study: 4th Year
Member Since: 2016
Goal: To learn more about the purpose and operations of the team, and contribute to its mission and success.
Fun Fact: I carry a mini bottle of tabasco sauce in my purse at all times. I can also fake a solid British accent


Sponsorship Team Member: Natalia Raczka
Faculty: International Business
Year of Study: 2nd year
Member Since: 2016
Goal: To gain sponsorship experience for a cause I am passionate about.
Fun Fact: I am trilingual; My first language is Polish
Sponsorship Team Member: Agnes Fung