Project Co-Chairs

The project co-chairs lead the business and engineering teams. They oversee the all aspects of the team and work collaboratively to ensure project success.

Prajay Shah
Business Manager: Prajay Shah
Faculty: Neuroscience
Year of Study: 4th Year
Member Since: 2014
Goal: Leading the team to success in races and in our community

Engineering Manager & Project Co-Chair: Morgan Grab
Major: Civil Engineering
Year of Study: 2nd
Member Since: 2014
Favourite Moment: I don’t have one specific moment that is my favorite. I particularly like the many small moments. Whether it be late nights at the shop completing a carbon fiber lay up, going out for lunch with the team, deliberating the best solution for a design, presenting at a school visit, or driving back from a race, those small moments are the ones I enjoy most.