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Meetings and greetings

Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood comms guy Gabe is back. But as opposed to my veritable verbose vernacular that you usually read, …


Recruitment Nights

Green leaves transform into auburn and ochre colours, a landscape of foliage as though they were aflame. Strong breezes flutter them as …



Bright pastel lights in patterns angled and geometric flash upon the underbelly of the overpass where the trains converge over Sunalta Station. …

Behind the Scenes of FSGP 2015 Part 2

A slight breeze, hot heat Red, gold, black figure eights Please don’t rollover –Gabriel Gana, Communications Team Member and 俳句の専門家


FSGP Debrief

Relax. Unwind. Take a deep breath and let the crisp fresh air flow in through the nose and out of the mouth. …


Day Seven in Austin

Streetlights of the same incandescent yellow blur into a seemingly solid line as I stare out into the vast dark Texan night. …


Day Six in Austin

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy… well who the hell am I kidding, the way the …


Day Five in Austin

Ladies and gentlemen. The moment you have all been waiting for. Seventeen teams. One track. One goal.    Welcome to the Formula …