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SDAT 2013

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SDAT 2013 Recap

… you don’t become the top-ranked Canadian solar car team by sitting on your laurels. The team’s long been home now, but …

Lakeland College School Visit

SDAT Days 5 and 6

Days 5 and 6 of SDAT are in the books! A brief recap: Day 5 – May 10th The team solared all …

Beacon Hill School Visit

SDAT Days 3 and 4

SDAT Days 3 and 4 went really well! Here are some highlights from those days: Day 3 – May 8th Day 3 …

SDAT School Visit 1

SDAT Days 1 and 2

The Schulich Delta Alberta Tour is off to a great start! Days 1 and 2 of SDAT are in the books, here’s …